Hearing aid users have considerably higher salaries than non-users. At the same time, hearing aid users reported having a better quality of life and that hearing aids have a positive impact on family relationships. Hearing aids also have a positive impact in several aspects on health (the person experiences less physical tiredness, better sleep quality, less depression and better memory capacity), compared with non-users. There are many advantages in the treatment of hearing impairment. And if you think you have hearing loss, it is time to visit hearing and balance centre NAAS to have a hearing test.

Income and employment
There is considerable evidence that people with untreated hearing impairment have lower incomes and higher unemployment rates than people with normal hearing. However, people with hearing aids have considerably higher income and employment rates than people with untreated hearing loss. Our society leaves no chance to smile on people with disabilities. With Hearing Aids Dublin, you can significantly increase your quality life, and compete in job market.

Costs for society
Untreated hearing loss represents a loss both in productivity and in the economy, due to a low level of quality of life and increased charges for social benefits, aimed at unemployment and pensions, as well as increased health costs with illnesses, such as depression and cognitive decline. There is an increase in additional health costs, due to untreated hearing loss.

Quality of life
People with hearing impairments experience lower quality of life, and the more severe the hearing loss, the greater the loss of quality of life. Hearing impairment has more of an impact on quality of life than many other chronic illnesses, such as blindness and visual difficulties, Alzheimer’s and other dementias. Untreated hearing loss has a number of negative consequences, such as psychological, mental and social. Hearing impairment can lead to depression, loneliness and social isolation.

Untreated hearing loss can have multiple effects on personal and family relationships. Untreated hearing impairment generally influences mental health and well-being, as well as reducing physical activities. And all these reasons lead you to visit the best audiology specialist Dublin today. The relationship between untreated hearing loss, cognitive decline and dementia is proven. Tiredness, both during and after working hours, is a major problem that affects many people with untreated hearing impairment.

How to choose the ideal model?
After the exams are carried out and with the diagnosis in hand, you will be able to search for the devices that fit your needs. After all, the device will be your newest life partner and you need to feel good about it. But, to choose your hearing aid, you must consult with an expert beforehand. Hearing impairment when treated with a hearing aid becomes economically viable. If you visit audiology clinics Dublin you will get the chance to consult with an expert, who will describe you, everything.