Flagship mobiles are getting pricier, which means you could be forced to pay a hefty fee if you smash the display or damage the battery. Before you contact the manufacturer, it’s worth looking at third-party alternatives to see if you could save some money.

phone repair service in the UK

Samsung Repair

Choosing Samsung’s doorstep service means a mobile repair van will come to you and repair your product. Repairs can be completed on the day of the appointment, although Samsung notes that this depends on the ‘realistic repair time for the issue and parts available.’ Pick-up repair means a courier will pick up your device and take it away to be fixed. This can take ‘up to 10 days’ from the date of collection.

iPhone repair

Before you can bring a broken iPhone in-store, you’ll need to make an appointment online or call so a technician is assigned to your case. It’s a good idea to back up your important files before you go just in case. Apple also says you should keep a record of your Apple ID and password.

Repair Centers in Fleetwood

Phone World UK

Phone world has affordable prices and a quick turnaround so you are not without your phone for too long. In some cases, you’ll even get your phone back within the same day. Their specialists have years of experience with repairing phones of all designs and models. To save money, time phone World UK is a good option. It is one of the best phone repair shops in Fleetwood. One of their most impressive services are charging port repairs in Fleetwood.