Jewellery is precious to women, be it diamond, silver or gold. When it comes to authentic metal or gems jewellery, the value is priceless. Many youngsters consider sterling silver bracelets to bethe token of eternal love. Silver jewellery is beautiful without any doubt, but the highest quality jewellery pieces are hard to find in shops. Bracelet is a decent piece of jewellery that adorns the hands of a woman irrespective of any discrimination. The tradition of handmade pearl jewellery is popular among women of all ages. Today is the era when you can buy the jewellery of your choice from online jewellery hubs. It becomes often challenging to identify and purchase genuine silver bracelets.

But, no need to worry!

There are ways to choose the best quality silver jewellery for women. You only need to learn a few tips that help you buy the best quality silver products made by real artisans. Let us see how to recognize sterling silver jewellery or buy pearls, UK.

1. Ask the Seller

If you get the opportunity to talk to the jewellery seller, you can ask questions about the price, metal source, and artisans to meet your queries. If you have prior knowledge, you will have a fair deal. The store location matters a lot. Shops located nearer to the mine areas deliver authentic quality jewellery.

2. Research about the Real Price of Sterling Silver Jewellery

Sterling Silver is expensive. You can recognize the authentic piece by comparing the prices of similar jewellery items.

Firstly, learn about the current market price of silver. If women’s Sterling Silver Bracelets come at low prices, you need to check the metal quality. Before purchasing from an online shop, make sure the shop is open to refund and exchange options if any issue arises after the purchase.

3. Check Hallmark

Another most vital tip is to check the hallmark on the jewellery. The hallmark speaks for the authenticity of the product. Sterling silver bracelets always have STERLING or .925 written on them.

The silver type is soft and easy to bend.

If the bracelet has EPNS (Electro Plated Nickel Silver) written on it, it implies the silver quality is extraordinary. You must search for such symbols to check the silver quality.

4. Run a Manual Check

Some small manual checks can make you sure about the silver quality. Silver is not magnetic, but if the silver attracts a magnet, it implies a high proportion of alloy in it.

After rubbing the silver on white clothes, if it leaves a black patch, the silver is high quality. Make sure you get a good deal.

5. Consult Experts, if required

If you are very unsure about the jewellery quality, you can take it to an expert to check the silver. The expert fee will be worth the value.

The tips will help you select a genuine product while buying online sterling silver jewellery. Handmade gift ideas have been prevalent among women since the old days. You can search for handmade sterling silver gemstone at online shops.  It only needs a little knowledge and caution to buy sterling silver jewellery.