Think about what goes down every single day. Dishwashing flushes various types of grease and food waste into the drain. When you shower, hair, soap and dirt will eventually flow into your sewer. If you do not clean the drains in the shower and sink regularly, any dirt buildup in the sewers and plumbing in your home can be devastating.

It is very important to the schedule to have a regular one-shot drain cleaner to minimize future problems and damage to your house. Drain cleaning may not be the most fascinating job, but its benefits are worth it. Since the cleaning process is not too pleasant, you should try to make it part of your regular routine.

How often should the Drain system be cleaned? 

Keeping the drain clean at home is an important part of house maintenance. Deciding how often to clean the drain depends on many factors, such as the size of your home, the purpose of the drain, etc. 

Some smaller households may not need on-demand cleaning, while larger households may require more professional drain cleaners. It is generally advised to maintain it once a year. It is recommended that you discuss with your drainage services in Havering provided by Grit Ninja cleaning services.

1- Advantages 
  1. The Advantages of regular pipes cleaner will extend the service life of the drain pipe. Regular cleaning can even minimize the damage that accumulates over time, thereby extending the life of the drain. 
  2. Drainpipe cleaning removes food particles and dirt that end up in the drain pipe. Professional cleaning of the drain pipe will also help remove unpleasant odours. 
  3. Prevent expensive repairs-Scheduling regular drainage pipe maintenance can usually detect minor problems before they escalate to major problems. You can always find a drain specialist in Havering, namely Grit Ninja.

2- How frequent you should clean the drain? 

  • You certainly don’t want your household sewer system to be clogged, but many homeowners don’t know how often their drain needs to be cleaned. Unfortunately, many of us did not notice the wastewater problem until it was too late. This can cause some very annoying problems. 
  • Most of your sewer pipes are visible and invisible. You want to avoid costly problems. Therefore, you should know when and how often to clean sewers. 
  • A good rule of thumb is to clean the drainpipe in your home every 18-22 months. It may be difficult to remember, but think about one and a half years or less than two years especially when you have to unblock drain outside.
3- How to maintain drainage pipes after professional cleaning 

After professional cleaning of sewer pipes, it is very important to continue to take preventive maintenance measures to keep sewers running smoothly. There are a few things you can do yourself to clean the drain. 

  How to prevent drains: 

  • Be careful of things left in sinks, toilets and shower drains 
  • Buy drain grills or grates 
  • Check the drain plugs of the sinks every few weeks to see if there is soap, etc. 
  • Don’t add any other items Prescription chemical cleaners are flushed into the sewer because they can cause plumbing problems 
  • Drain hot water from the bathroom drain every week to remove debris 

These preventive maintenance measures and investment in regular sewer cleaning services help prevent serious problems. Unattended drain pipes can cause serious blockages or even blockages, which can damage pipes, reduce water quality, and cause potential health risks. You can find the drain unblocking and other services on the Grit Ninja site. Visit the site to know furthermore about it.