What exactly is a Sublimation Coffee Mug, and how do I personalise one for myself?

Sublimation coffee cups are special cups intended exclusively for holding impression and customization on their flat surfaces. These are specially coated cups that have a glazed ceramic surface ideal for preserving ink and graphics.

Sublimation or the dye-sublimation process is pretty simplistic but highly effective in professionally and permanently imprinting an image into the surface of ceramics and a kind of other items to compose quality saleable products.

A sublimation coffee mug would be a great way to build an item or gift that is good for your customer, friends, loved ones and longevity.

In order to begin, gather the following items to personalize your sublimation coffee mugs:

Mug Press Machine, Sublimation Printer, Sublimation Coffee Mugs, Heat-Resistant Tape, Sublimation Dye Ink, and Sublimation Transfer Paper.

Afterward, decide on grabbing the graphics or the chosen images for your favorite coffee mug

The best part is that you really can put almost any image on a coffee cup, from a logo to a series of photos of your pets. There are no sort of restrictions about the resolution or something in that case.

Fortunately, there are tons of graphics applications that will suffice your needs, such as Canva, Adobe Spark, in addition to other costly advanced tools such as the Adobe Suite. 

So you have the option of using stock images, obtaining a graphic from a client, or creating something from scratch on your own.

There is a side note; make sure the picture that you might have chosen is appropriate for a mug in terms of dimensions, visibility, and the fact it wraps around.

If you aren’t a pro graphic designer and wouldn’t want to reproduce an image, an incredible graphics service from CMWi can enable you to transform any brilliant idea into a sublimation-ready art piece.

You can now start printing your graphics on the sublimation transfer paper

You can directly use high-quality full-size sublimation paper, which can be of the dimensions – 8.5×11” or 11”x17” for you.

Sublimation papers can also be pre-cut and purchased to various dimensions and mug sizes, such as 9, 11, and 15 ounces. 

You can use a sublimation printer for this and print the image using the mug sublimation graphics settings.

To ensure that you get what you see in the image, CMWi professionals recommend using the mirror image option. Furthermore, you should also bear in mind not to print at a resolution higher than 300 DPI as it will consume more ink without enhancing the end result.

It’s time to start cutting the Sublimation paper

Since several wholesale sublimation mugs are available in a market with assorted sizes, you must ensure that the trimmed paper is according to the proper dimensions.

Now, chop the borders carefully and focus on ensuring that the paper around your mug is wrapped perfectly without causing you trouble.

Prepare your Mug Press for Printing

Before applying the image to your cup, you must prepare your press machine.

First, let the oven preheat to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, and for up to six minutes, set the pressure to medium-heavy.

Remember, that’s only a sample from our side; you should follow the guidelines for your printer, paper and mug from the manual.

It will warm up the system and ensure that the ink from the sublimation paper is transferred efficiently to your coffee mug.

However, inspect the most subsequent instructions that happened to come with the sublimation paper you tried to order, and test print the type of mug you’re working with to ensure that the suggested settings function correctly for you before attempting for the actual one.

In the Mug Heat Press, carefully position the mug

It’s time to print the picture after your mug press is ready.

Enclose the pre-cut paper and hold it with thermal-resistant tape to help keep the sublimation paper in place throughout the process.

Without even a single wrinkling, or damaging the paper, you should carefully place your coffee mug in your machine to begin the sublimation procedure.

Finally, once the timer gets off, remove the mug from the machine

Remove the bowl and paper very carefully, without affecting the surface integrity. Check the heat-resistant mitts of the oven; at that moment, tHE MUG WILL BE VERY HOT.

Before using the mug, let it cool for an hour or two.

Is a Mug Press Machine Necessary and Why?

The best way to print your favorite images on sublimation coffee mugs is to perform with a mug press machine.

Here’s a quick rundown of the DK3 Digital Knight Mug Press.

Customized photographs and advertising pieces, quotations, graphics, and others are printed on mugs and other glazed ceramic objects using a mug press machine. When using DigitalHeat FX EZ Peel Hard Surface Paper or almost any cylindrical cup to apply sublimation designs, it will definitely work.

You’ll need a heat press machine to move the ink from sublimation paper to the surface of your mug while printing images on wholesale sublimation mugs.

You usually need consistent pressure and heat from one mug to the next since you are agreeing to sell over one at a time. If not, you may end up with variations in color or some pictures when you peel. The overall results would be devastating.

Finally It’s Working

The mug press contains heating elements near the point where it comes into contact with the mug.

When you cook in an oven, you also preheat for the entire same reason.

You can place the object inside when you feel the press machine is heated. The heat will melt the sublimation ink slowly and move it from the paper to the glazed ceramic piece, like in your case for the coffee mug.