Relationships are indeed one of the most beautiful parts of life but at the same time they can prove to be very challenging at times. And being humans it is not always possible for us to control everything and the same goes for breakups and relationships. The rate of estimated depression in the UK is said to be quite high and breakups and divorces are two main reasons behind it. In this article healing tips to get over a breakup or divorce has been discussed with special focus on the population of Sussex.

Starting to feel better after a breakup in Sussex – Tips to heal after breakup or divorce


Normalize the breakup or divorce emotions: The various after breakup or divorce emotions that a person generally feels are, anger, disappointment, fear, stress, betrayal, relief, denial, despair, loneliness, shock, hopelessness, embarrassment and many more. Feeling all these are absolutely normal and you  must accept it. The first step to healing is accepting.

Focus on yourself: People after a breakup or divorce tend to stop caring for themselves. At such a crucial phase you should stand by yourself, do the things that you love the most, start getting productive and focus on yourself at large.

Take a small trip with your friends: Take a small break somewhere with your friends. Pack your bags and go on a vacation you will see that you are starting to feel better after a breakup in Sussex.


  1. Do not self-sabotage: Do not ever take the whole blame on yourself. Relationships are two sided and require mutual efforts.
  2. Do not change your relationship status quickly: Feeling alone after a breakup in Sussex is very common but do not take this as indication to jump into a new relationship.
  3. Do not get affected by what other people are saying about you: Going through a divorce or breakup most of the time gives other people the chance to talk about you. Ignore what they are saying and stick to your closed ones.
  4. Do not stalk your ex-partner: The worst thing that you can do to yourself post breakup or divorce, is stalking your ex-partner in social media or enquiring about them to your family or friends.


Meditation retreat in Sussex

Meditation is one of the best ways to heal oneself. Meditation retreat in Sussex can be opted post breakup or divorce. Meditation not only helps in reducing stress and anxiety but also influences your body physically. It boosts your productivity level and gives inner power. No matter how bad your mood might get after a breakup or divorce, meditation will always assist you in coming out of that phase. You will start to appreciate your life and whatever that you have. The feeling of loneliness will wash away and you will be able to move on in life.


While a breakup or divorce can be very painful, you can always do something about it. As has been mentioned in this article, you can always follow the tips and meditate to get back to yourself. And always remember that time is the best healer.