On any occasion, chocolate functions like the cherry on the top. For a long time, chocolate has been one of the most popular and delicious pick-me-up items to brighten a moment. Often, chocolates are wrapped in beautiful covers to add charm to special occasions like Christmas hampers Canada.

The savory treats, fused with cocoa butter or; rich with fruit and nuts or; filled with cream or puree, attract both children and adults. You will find all kinds of chocolates at the shops, from the ready-made ones to customized blends to satisfy your sweet tooth. These local shops also export chocolates to foreign countries. You must read the entire blog to know more about Canada chocolate company.

The business has gone digital after Covid19 hit the worldwide population in 2020 to survive in the highly competitive ground. Similarly, you will find many an online chocolate candy store to fulfill your sugar craving. Below, we present some of the most famous chocolate company, Canada.

  1. Anne of Green Gables

The old chocolate shop offers the buyers simple-looking, handmade chocolates. The most notable items of this shop include chocolate caramels, chocolate sweeties, chocolate coconut cups, bosom buddies, and many more.

  1. The Chocolate Lab

The chocolate Lab in Canada is famous for its handmade bonbons and truffles bright with colors and flavors. The husband-wife duo Dallas and Eva Southcott infuse more than 30 original flavors in their chocolates. They have limited numbers of their heart-shaped chocolate collection. You can also customize your chocolate box with the name of the international awards won by them. Try their dark chocolate and the alluring cocktail collection.

  1. Hummingbird Chocolates

The company with over 90 international awards is a master chocolatier in Canada.  The handmade dark chocolate bar is the most popular item here. You must try another best-seller at this shop; Fleur de Sel.

  1. Beta5

Beta5 is a modern and innovative award-winning chocolate shop run by a husband-wife. The duo has featured the shop with a distinct undertone by fusing arts and science in their chocolates. The only two locally available items are cream puffs and bonbons. Besides these, the most enriching items of this shop are Queen of Hearts, pop rocks, polygon bars, Won’t Ube Mine, etc.

  1. Master Chocolate

Master Chocolatier in Canada, Mr Bernard is a highly regarded name in the chocolate industry of Canada. The famous chocolatier has made vegan and no-sugar chocolates.

You can choose from chocolate bars, brownies, chocolate-wrapped treats, etc. You can create a customized box with some best-selling flavors.

  1. Chocolatier Constance Popp

The company produces single-origin chocolates for everyday use. The award-winning chocolate shop sells premium quality chocolate items named Prairie Coe Pie.

  1. Rousseau Chocolatier

Again the husband-wife chocolatiers’ team creates single-origin chocolate bars, photogenic chocolate bars, chocolate-dipped meringues, nuts & marshmallows, chocolate slates, etc., for the customers. The duo makes everything on-site and infuses various ingredients to make chocolates richer. You will also get seasonal confections at this shop.

All the chocolate companies, Canada mentioned above offer the customers unique and exclusive chocolate items. You can buy chocolates online from the best chocolate shops and enjoy your favorite chocolates sitting at home.