Steaming different kinds of food has a number of health benefits that are way better than oil cooked food. Because it is such an efficient heat transfer method, it cooks food quickly without drying it out. Steamed vegetables retain their vibrant colour and natural texture, as well as vitamins and minerals that may be lost in other cooking methods. In addition, steaming is also very healthy, compared to some cooking methods since there is no need for cooking oils or fats.

There are several types of commercial steamers to choose from, each with its own advantages and specific tools for certain situations. There are three basic categories to choose from: convection steamers, pressure steamers, and pressure/non-pressure steamers.

A lot of things are taken into consideration while buying any kitchen equipment. Several factors are responsible while buying a steamer for your commercial kitchen. You must be sure of your menu first. The kind of menu you make will decide which kind of steamer you must get.

  • Size: The size of the commercial steamer matters a lot. This is measured by the size of the steam pans that their container can occupy. There are varied size options available like small countertop steamers, large, multi-compartment floor steamers, etc. These and more can be found easily on The Source Federal Hospitality Equipment website. You can go to the website and order a suitable steamer online.
  • Types: As explained earlier there are three basic types of steamers for your commercial kitchen equipment. There are – a). Convection steamers are the most common ones. A large variety of food can be made through these like frozen/fresh vegetables and frozen/fresh seafood, etc. b). Pressure steamers allow the steam pressure to gradually increase inside the compartment during the cooking process. They are large in size and are used for faster cooking. c). Pressure/pressureless Steamers function as either pressure or pressureless steamers. These are good for different varieties of menu.
  • Source of Power: There are two types of steamers used in a commercial kitchen. One is a Gas steamer and the other is an electric steamer. A gas-powered steamer heats foods easier. The electric steamer is easy to install virtually anywhere wherever there is an electrical and water hookup.

Steamers are a very important commercial kitchen equipment in many commercial kitchens and provide a very impressive cooking technique that produces extremely nutritious and tasty food for different kinds of menus. Steaming is a great way to cook food with many restaurants and catering establishments adopting steamers as their primary equipment in their kitchens The popularity of steamers has skyrocketed in recent years and thanks to this technology, they have developed significantly, providing the industry with a wide variety to choose from. There are various kinds of commercial steamers available on The Source Federal Hospitality Equipment website at a very low cost. You can check out the different products according to your need and place your order on the website easily.