Did you know that your car’s side mirror is super important for safe driving? If yes, then you are in the perfect place to get your answer. Visibility of objects to the side and behind your automobile is improved. However, occasionally they may sustain harm from mishaps, ignorant people’s vandalism, or simple aging. When it comes to safety and compatibility with your vehicle, you must make the appropriate choice while replacing the glass. If you are searching for car side mirror glass replacement in Australia, you can go through Car Side Mirrors. They are the most proficient repairmen for side mirrors, no matter where you are, because they also handle in-house calls. Here in this blog, there are some expert tips for choosing the right replacement glass for your car side mirror.

Understand Your Car’s Specifications:

It’s critical to comprehend the specs of your existing side mirrors before you go searching for replacement glass. Seek the model number on the rear of the mirror assembly or consult your car’s handbook. With this knowledge, you may locate a new mirror that is identical to your original in terms of size, shape, and features. An improper fit, decreased visibility, and even safety risks might result from mismatched measurements.

Choose Between OEM and Aftermarket Glass

There are two primary categories of replacement mirrors: OEM (original equipment manufacturer) and aftermarket.

  • OEM Glass

The company that created your car’s original mirrors also makes these mirrors. It is promised that they will fit flawlessly and adhere to the same standards of quality. They are typically more costly, though.

  • Aftermarket Glass

Third-party manufacturers produce these mirrors, which are frequently less expensive than original equipment. Even while many mirrors from aftermarket manufacturers are of high quality, some could not match OEM requirements. To guarantee dependability and safety, due diligence is necessary while selecting a brand.

Consider Heated vs. Non-Heated Mirrors

You should probably replace the heated original side mirrors on your car with heated glass if they have any. Particularly in colder areas, heated mirrors may be extremely helpful in preventing fogging and ice accumulation. Examine the wiring of your current mirror for any heating elements, and make sure the replacement glass is suitable if it has any.

Look for Integrated Signal Lights

Turn signal lights are incorporated into the side mirrors of several contemporary cars. Verify that the replacement glass supports this function if your car has it. By giving other drivers extra signals when you plan to turn or change lanes, this function improves safety.

Evaluate Anti-Glare and Auto-Dimming Features

By lessening the glare from oncoming headlights, anti-glare and auto-dimming mirrors may greatly increase driving safety. It’s a good idea to select a new mirror that has these qualities if your original mirror did. Driving at night is made more pleasant by auto-dimming mirrors, which automatically change their tint based on the amount of light they detect.

Check for Convex vs. Flat Glass

The two main forms of side mirrors are convex and flat. The curved shape of convex mirrors helps to reduce blind spots by offering a larger field of view. Things in the mirror are closer than they seem is a common cautionary statement found on them. For a more realistic picture of an object’s distance, however, use flat mirrors. To keep things consistent when driving, make sure the kind you select matches the ones on your original vehicles.

Quality of Adhesive and Mounting Mechanism

The replacement glass’s adhesive and mounting system are essential for guaranteeing the mirror’s stability. Inadequate adhesives may lead to the mirror falling off, which might be dangerous. Select a substitute that has a sturdy mounting system or premium sticky pads. Purchasing a reliable product at a higher cost may frequently guarantee its longevity and safety.

DIY vs. Professional Installation

If you have any technical know-how, you can replace the side mirror glass yourself, but if not, it would be advisable to have it professionally fitted. A professionally installed mirror guarantees accurate alignment and a strong attachment. If your mirror has intricate features like heating elements or indicator lights, it can also be a safer choice.

Warranty and Return Policy

Lastly, take into account the replacement glass’s guarantee and return policy. The assurance that the product will last and function as intended is provided by a strong warranty. You can also return the item if it doesn’t fit or live up to your expectations if the return policy is liberal.


Choosing the right driver-side mirror glass replacement for your car is critical for maintaining safety and functionality. You can ensure your new mirror fits your demands and improves your driving experience by being aware of your vehicle’s specs, weighing the pros and cons of various features, and choosing high-quality goods. Making the correct decision can assist keep you safe while driving, whether you choose heated or non-heated, OEM or after-market. To gather more information you can contact them now.