Every homeowner takes pride in their beautiful, green lawn, which serves as a welcoming sight for both family and visitors. The endurance and bright beauty of your lawn, whether you’ve just installed sod or already have one, depend on proper upkeep. To develop sturdy roots and fend off possible problems, sod, or turf, needs special attention. To get reliable Sod installation services in Orlando, contact Florida Lawn Ace. To help you maintain your property looking wonderful all season long, Florida Lawn Ace offers reliable services. Here we discuss some sod upkeep advice in this article to keep your grass looking lush and healthy all year long.



Your sod needs the right nutrients to thrive, which can only be provided by proper fertilization. To increase the soil’s nutrient content, prepare the area before laying sod by adding a layer of compost. Applying a balanced, slow-release fertilizer after the first month will help the plant continue to thrive. To avoid damaging your grass, be careful not to overfertilize. Too many nutrients might cause thatch to develop on your lawn.


Weed Management:

If not appropriately controlled, weeds can soon take over and suffocate your sod. Check your yard frequently for weeds, and get rid of them right away. When using herbicides, use caution because some might harm your sod if improperly applied. To reduce the negative effects on the health of your grass, think about utilizing organic or spot treatments.


Seasonal Modifications:

The requirements for caring for your sod will alter with the seasons. Your lawn may need more water to stay green during the hot summer months, while less frequent watering is possible during the cooler months. To account for seasonal fluctuations, modify your fertilization program and mowing height as necessary.



One of the most essential elements of sod upkeep is watering. The right amount of irrigation promotes root growth and guarantees that your lawn receives enough moisture. Water the sod thoroughly when you initially lay it down to encourage strong root growth. To keep the sod moist for the first two weeks, irrigate your lawn every day. Over the following few weeks, gradually cut back on the frequency to every two to three days, and then switch to a more conventional watering plan based on your climate and local laws.



For sod lawns, particularly those that see a lot of foot traffic, routine aeration is important. To allow water, air, and nutrients to reach the roots, aeration entails creating tiny pores in the soil. A healthier and more durable grass is produced as a result of lessening soil compaction and promoting deeper root growth.


The Control of Pests and Diseases

Pests and diseases must be fought off with caution. When you see pests like chinchbugs, armyworms, or grubs, keep an eye out for them and take quick action if you find an infestation. Maintaining a clean lawn and clearing it of any debris that may contain pathogens is similar.



To have a tidy and healthy lawn, regular mowing is essential. However, wait two to three weeks before mowing your new sod to let the roots become firmly established. When you do mow, set the mower to a higher setting (about 3 inches) since longer grass blades shade the soil, aiding in its ability to hold onto moisture. Keep the blades on your lawnmower sharp to provide clean cuts that encourage better grass growth.


Limit Your Use:

Although sod is typically more durable than seeded lawns, it is preferable to avoid intensive use in the early stages of establishment. Limit foot traffic and stay away from using any heavy machinery on the lawn until the roots have had time to properly take root.


Final Words

It takes commitment and frequent maintenance to keep a lawn healthy and green. Healthy sod grass can develop with the use of sound irrigation, mowing, fertilizer, and aeration techniques. Keep an eye out for weeds, bugs, and illnesses in your grass, and take fast action if any are found. Your sod can blossom and give you a stunning, vibrant lawn for years to come with constant maintenance and attention to seasonal modifications. If you are looking for proper Sod maintenance tips in Orlando, you can go through the Florida Lawn Ace. They surely guide you properly to maintain your sod.