A cottage house is a small and comfortable apartment with an informal floor plan that often evokes the charm of fairy tales or country life. Today’s cottage homes offer more. The feeling of a large space and the purposes that can be obtained from a more modern home. 

Whether you are downsizing your house or adding a hotel, once you take the time to understand the current cottage style and how it meets your needs, you will fall in love with it.

1-  Bluebell Yard Rusty Iron Garden Bird

Cottage-style houses usually look weird but charming. The rooms are warm and comfortable. This is also a very practical home, very practical. The space is not big, but it is very distinctive. The main feature of the cottage style. These houses include tiles, stucco walls, balconies, small porches, gable roofs, large windows and beautiful garden collectables & antiques that make you wonder if you have come into a magic world of its own. In all, there comes a rustic look to the whole picture of the cottage house and to make this picture complete can place a Bluebell Yard Rusty iron garden bird which will enhance that antique look.

When looking for garden ideas to create a charming and characteristic lot, start with your own idea of ​​the space. The style of the country house garden can be adapted to any garden, whether it is a rural or a country, no matter how big or small it is. First, it allows a lot of self-expression; apart from a large number of plants, a love for flowers, and an obvious lack of size, there are few rules.

2- Rope Handle Planters

Plants are the highlight of a cottage-style garden. They mix flowers in a random way, mixing colours and shapes. This planting style softens the appearance of the garden and brings you closer through the fragrance, leaf texture and soft flower carpet. The trick is to create a private space full of colours and smells, grow dense vegetation along the path, and frame doors and windows to create an occasional atmosphere. Antiques like rope handle planters from Bluebell Yard adds to the cottage garden look.

3- Garden Tub Planter 

Garden Tub Planters are great for highlighting the rugged landscape in the cottage garden, but they also have many other advantages. You can also plant earlier, because if the soil is too cold to grow in early spring, the planter will be filled with snowdrops, sea anemones, etc., or the cabbage can absorb the sun’s heat from the high ground. If your garden is small or very thick, planters can also add colour & interest to your garden. Look for these amazing planters on the Bluebell Yard website and shop for these and many more unique garden collectables best for a cottage-style garden.

4- Paper Plant Pot Maker 

Retro works add rustic charm & a sense of history to the cottage garden. Think about how to put flea market finds in flower pots and use them together to create an attractive appearance. Worn metal containers are particularly suitable as thin films for bright lighting. Spring flowers. Start your cottage garden from scratch by planting traditional flowers and planting them at the right time of the year. You can easily get a paper plant pot maker from Bluebell Yard. They have easy to use pre-cut newspaper strips. You just need to roll the cylinder along the strip, bend the end, and press down on the base. Used for the production of potted plants. Plants with seeds can be planted directly in the garden. This can prove to be the best gift for you or for those who are starting their cottage-style garden.

5- Deco Metal Scroll Wall Planter

Although many cottage gardens follow simple patterns, other cottage gardens have more loosely defined paths, and each geometric figure is obscured by generous planting. 

A seemingly “unreasonable” casual style has its charm in the right combination. This planting style is unparalleled and will add a bright spot to your garden every time. Get the Deco metal scroll wall planter for a more rustic undesigned look, whereas at the same time have the attraction of the cottage garden intact.

The cottage garden is closely related to the house it forms, which determines its design and materials. In fact, Moseley said that due to the chaos of colours, the cottage garden needs a certain order to look its best. Although it is fierce inside, it is closely connected. Plan wisely before acting upon it while making a cottage garden. The Bluebell Yard excels in cottage-style garden supplies and antique collectables, you can browse their website and choose the most suitable according to your home.