When it comes to pseudoscientific medical practices, crystal healing stones are considered as one of the best therapies. The proponents of these stones claim that they hold some sort of healing power. Although there are no exact scientific assertions on this theory, there are some explanations given by researchers. In this blog article the science behind the crystal healing stone has been discussed. The usage of the stones has also been stated along with their availability online.

The science behind crystal healing stone.

In ancient times various healing remedies were used that till date finds their usage in many places and one such case is the crystal healing stones. Science mostly tends to ignore the efficiency of anything working in an energetic healing direction, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t work.

The widely accepted theory

Crystals form under great pressure and are extracted from enclosed rock formations. As such the energy required to create one crystal is immense and they create elements in the purest form. These elements further influence us by refracting our own energy back to us in a unique way. Each crystal has its own reflecting and absorbing power which we re-consume.

Two researcher brothers, Perrie and Jack Currie, in 1880 conducted an experiment on crystals and found out they could create electricity which is known as the piezoelectric effect. The study suggested that crystals has a little influence on the energy of the body. Other various studies suggested that it was the placebo effect working it’s way and practically healing lies in the mind of a person rather than in crystals.

What crystals can do and what they cannot

Mental disorders: There are no scientific proof that crystals can cure mental disorders, like anxiety or depression, but the placebo effect might be the one in progress if you find healing through crystals

Meditation and crystals: Meditation and crystals when combined together can give an extraordinary impact to mind, body and soul. You can buy healing crystals online and check their efficiency while meditating.

Positive outlook: It is true that crystals hold some energy which further helps you to realize your inner energy. And upon doing so you will have a positive outlook towards anything you perform.

Buying crystal healing stones online

Crystals can give an eloquently magical feeling and as much as you can enjoy them in real life you can also buy the healing stones online. Given below are some stores from where you can get the healing crystals online USA:

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Healing crystals can help in providing mental peace at large if it cannot practically cure physical illness. And as per this article the science behind healing crystal stone is basically the placebo effect which again can prove to be a great remedy. So if you are someone who believes in the power of crystal healing stones, you may continue to do so, but never ignore the medical requirements.