It’s always a good idea to have plants and flowers around the house because they not only provide colour to the area but also make it feel cheerful. The art of flower arranging is highly valued. You feel content and optimistic when you have floral arrangements in your home. Flowers are reasonably and environmentally friendly, and they instantly give a splash of organic colour that you can’t get from any other type of decorating. If you are looking for creative flower arrangements in Perth or decoration ideas, you must go through the Floret Boutique. This is one of the best Perth’s top florists who focus on creating the most vibrant floral arrangements possible. Let’s discuss how to brighten up your home with a flower arrangement.

Create Floating Floral

If your flowers are starting to wilt or you want a unique method to showcase your blossoms, think about removing the flower heads and putting them in a small bowl of water. With the stems removed, your flowers will live longer and present themselves in a different light.

For a more rustic look, you could also use an earthen bowl. You need to use caution when implementing this idea if you have children or animals. The Feng Shui fire element is brought to your home by this flower bowl without the light; it can also be bound with red thread to create a Zen area.

Use dried flowers

The easiest method to have flowers in your home without constantly needing to prune, water, and clean up after is to use dried and preserved flowers, which are vastly underutilised. The appropriate dried or preserved flowers are just as adaptable as fresh flowers and will maintain their quality for months, if not years. You can purchase a professionally dried and preserved flower bouquet or make your own dried flowers by hanging fresh flowers to dry upside-down.

Bottle them

We all have those empty glass bottles of vodka, shake, oils, and other beverages that we often want to throw away, but they may also be quite reasonable for home decor. These empty bottles can be reused, and you can hang them outside your home’s outside. A planter or a vase can be made out of them. Alternatively, you can hang them from the balcony, but doing so would need you to move or gather all the bottles you have throughout the years scattered throughout your home.

Flower Ceiling Mount

Most people have an old chandelier lying around that they may use for decoration. A chandelier can also serve as the foundation for a vine. It will enhance the room’s charm and give it a vibrant appearance. It is rather difficult to change the flowers while they are on the chandelier, so you can also add flower food to prevent having to change the flowers frequently. For this decoration, you can also call Floret Boutique for flower delivery in Perth. They deliver you fresh flowers as per your requirement.

Decor for the table

Everyone wants their dinner table to be in a pleasant location, and bright flowers can make that happen. Choose your favourite flowers and a low, wide-opening pitcher that is leak-proof. Don’t forget to maintain the vessel filled with water. Additionally, you can combine the right colours and add fillers. Keep adding flowers until you’re satisfied with how it appears because this arrangement can be laid-back and informal. Your dining experience will be joyful as a result.


These floral decoration suggestions offered you some inspiration. These are just a handful of the many creative uses for flower arrangements that you might think of to brighten your home. There are many more. Flowers may brighten a corner of your living area and raise the bar for home design a few notches. You can search for florists near me to get the best flower delivery service around you or can call Floret Boutique in Perth for fresh and colourful flowers. You can enquire for more details in the commentary area.