When you start hitting the gym, it is apparent that you will not follow the training standards of experienced bodybuilders. In fact, the workout schedule of a beginner should be contrastingly different from a professional athlete. If you ask a regular gym-goer, they will tell you that the split of various body parts is the best growth method. However, it does not hold true for a beginner, and a full-body workout is more beneficial for rapid growth and esthetic gains. This article talks about the best gym workout schedule for a beginner, which has been accepted globally.

What should be the approach of the beginner?

The first and foremost rule is to keep it as simple as possible. There is no need to attempt complicated exercises that target a particular muscle in a muscle group. It can be largely counterproductive as it can cause muscle fatigue and increase the time needed for recovery. If you go to the best gyms in Hong Kong, this is precisely what they will tell you. A simple dumbbell or even a 45-minute bodyweight workout, which is generally advocated by all body weights workout Gym, is enough. Here is a comprehensive look at the split that is most productive for the ‘newbie’ gains.

The best split routine for beginners

According to fitness expert Dr. Michael Yessis, a beginner should look to complete a single set of 20 reps of one exercise for each of the body parts. They should regularly increase the reps by 1-2 repetitions and keep increasing the weights until failure. Once the failure sets it, they are advised to increase the number of sets and exercise for a particular muscle group. An ideal split routine for a beginner is-

  • Squats for Legs

Also known as Goblet Squats, this exercise is not only for working out all the muscles of your legs but also builds an excellent form to execute barbell squats later. Interlock your fingers at the chest level with the elbows pointing downwards and then go down till the thighs become parallel to the ground. Then drive yourself up. Squats are an integral part of a beginner bodyweight workout program.

  • Glute Bridges for the Gluteus muscle

It activates the glutes of a beginner, which is a massive muscle. Bend your knees and lie flat and then squeeze the gluteus muscles to raise the body up in the form of a triangle.

  • Dead Bug for Core

Lie on the back, extend the arms and legs upwards and bend your knees at 90 degrees. Then lower the opposite arm and leg while keeping the other upright and alternate it with the other arm and leg. The best gyms in Hong Kong recommend this exercise for core build-up.

  • Incline Chest Press for Chest

Take a small bench and place your arms on it with your palms. Lower your chest towards the palm of your hands like a regular push-up and come back up.

  • Lateral Pulldown for Back

Grab the pulldown machine bar and pull it down with your chest extended outwards and your head slightly upward. Start with no weights or minimum weight

  • Bicep Curls for Arms

Hold a dumbbell in each hand and curl it upwards towards your shoulders while keeping the elbows fixed to your sides. Bring them down slowly.

Follow this simple beginner routine before your progress to the next level, and the results will be evident for you to see.