There is no exact rule of how bracelets should look exactly. After all, fashion today is very democratic and allows many combinations. However, if you know her style, taste for fashion, dress code and personality, you can Buy bracelets online that perfectly suits her desire. Women love to get jewelry and accessories from their loved ones. 

Here, we give you top 10 tips for choosing the right bracelet.


The first thing to consider before buying a Gemstone heart bracelet is the length. The average length that fits all types of women 6 to 71/2 inches. Women who have smaller or larger than average wrists can adjust the size of the bracelet accordingly.


The average width should be 7 or 9 millimetres. If you buy a bracelet with such width and length, it becomes comfortable, also noticeable when worn. 


When purchasing a bracelet, buyers should do more than just choose a style that is eye-catching to them. One should see the quality. A good Heart-shaped stone bracelet is made with a perfect finish. The metal should be nicely polished.


One should take into account the weight of the bracelet because if you buy a heavy bracelet, it can feel very stiff. Buying a slim bracelet may not be a good idea. A medium-size will suit all women, although, it is a matter of preference.

The way to tighten

There are two types of fasteners – a small latch and a snap closure. A small latch can be opened and closed by a simple mechanism. It would be ideal if you prefer to buy a bracelet with a simple lock mechanism.

Metals used to make

You can buy sterling silver, gold-plated, pure stainless steel or Novelty charm bracelets. It is resistant to rust and corrosion, has excellent tensile strength, and also withstands all kinds of extreme weather conditions and heat.

Bracelet accents

Some bracelets feature small 18-karat yellow gold accents that blend into the stainless steel. The mix adds style and makes it more attractive. Such types of bracelets are expensive than others, but they are worth it.


A bracelet should not be too big or tiny. Before buying, it is important to measure the wrist size. Some bracelets may have removable links or they can be expanded or tightened if the need arises

The price

You should take the time to compare the price of a bracelet with a similar one made of other materials. By comparing prices, one can determine the best to buy. Stainless steel bracelets are typically less expensive than other precious metals.

The condition of the bracelet

The condition of a bracelet matters the most. Some buyers may go second-hand. They should be careful not to buy this heavily used with a boring appearance. The price of the bracelet must also take into account wear.