It is very important to select a food that provides your dog with all the nutrients it needs with quality ingredients. Therefore, it is necessary to learn to read the labels of dog food. This information that we present will be of great use to you when you have to choose the Best dog treats UK brand for your dog. If your dog does not want to eat, you may have chosen the wrong feed for your pet.

How to read the ingredients list?

Dog food information should include ingredients, from highest to lowest weight. Therefore, if you want high-quality Dog supplements UK look for one that contains an identified meat first in the list of ingredients. Animal protein is better than plant protein for your dog, as it will digest it better. Always look for ingredients to come from an identified source, not just protein.

Avoid those croquettes that only say “fats of animal/vegetable origin”, without specifying their origin since they will generally be of lower quality. High quality food does not usually contain cereals or by-products as main ingredients. The moisture content is very important. Meat proteins are heavy due to their high water content.

My dog’s food contains animal by-products

Animal by-products are secondary products in the main feed processing. They can also contain blood or bones. By-products do not include hair, horns, teeth or hooves. The term flour refers to an ingredient that has been ground into a powder. The meat meal may also contain byproducts. The fish meal is derived from whole fish. Fish treats for dogs contain many minerals. Meat by-products provide large amounts of protein, although its quality is highly variable, as it depends on the composition of these by-products. 

Preservatives, colorants, stabilizers and other chemicals

They are found at the end of the ingredient list. Preservatives, artificial colors and stabilizers used in dog kibble must be recognized as safe by the appropriate bodies. Manufacturers must list all the preservatives they add. Try to avoid preservatives like BHA, BHT, blue 2, red 40, yellow 5, yellow 6, as these are potentially toxic additives. 

It is believed that they could cause allergy, reproductive problems, and cancer or organ failure. However, to keep your dog’s skin healthy, you can buy cold-processed Garlic powder healthy treat online. Always respect the expiration date of your feed.

How do I know if my dog’s kibble is suitable?

The kibble for dogs must comply with the regulation of food control bodies. Many brands of kibble for dogs follow AAFCO standards. This non-governmental organization develops the standards and regulations for the manufacture of pet food, to provide complete nutrition to your dog. The needs of dogs vary according to their breed, age or health conditions, so there are different feeds designed to meet all the requirements in different cases.