Today, water dispensers play a crucial role in our daily lives. Nearly every residence has access to it. Using a water dispenser consistently and daily is without a doubt. As a result, it needs regular maintenance and adequate cleaning of your other appliances. It is essential to make sure they get a good cleaning to keep them running smoothly. The clean exterior of your water dispensers also guarantees fresh, clean, and hygienic water. Most people believe that external cleaning is sufficient for water dispensers. However, the truth is that these products have a longer shelf life and can continue to harbor bacteria, water stains, and mold. Due to their stiff nature, they not only provide a challenge to remove but also pose a risk to your health if they end up in your drinking water. If you want to clean your dispenser, you can contact the water dispenser service in Singapore. They take care of your water dispenser and give the best service. Let’s discuss how to maintain your dispenser through this post.

Cleaning Procedures for Your High-End Water Dispenser

We advise the following actions to keep your dispenser in peak condition, whether you use it to make soothingly hot or cool water.

Your dispenser has to “rest” for at least five minutes before you can clean it. Unplug it from the power source.

  • Never lean more than 45 degrees or flip your machine upside down.
  • If draining, let the cooler stay up to 5 hours without being plugged in to prevent hot water burns.
  • The drip tray needs to be cleaned often.
  • To prevent damage, avoid using abrasive cleaning agents like steel wool.

A Step-by-Step Guide for Cleaning a Water Dispenser

Unplug the Water Dispenser: For your security, turn off the dispenser. Since you will be handling water while at work, turning off your water dispenser can prevent electrical mishaps and unintentional burns from the hot water dispenser.

Get the Cleaning Solution Ready: Make the cleaning solution separately by combining 15mL of 5% unscented bleach with 5L of pristine, clean water. You can use this to clean the interior of your water reservoir and the pipes that go through your bottled water cooler.

Take the Bottle out: Bypass the water dispenser, take the empty one out and set it aside. It will allow you to easily clean your water cooler and provide access to the reservoir.

Cleanly drain the water reservoir and then refill it with the cleaning agent: Through the tap, remove any remaining water from the reservoir, and fill it with the prepared cleaning solution. The baffle and spill guard may need to be removed first, and you can clean each of these detachable components separately.

Cleaning Up: The entire area should be scrubbed clean with the long-handled, soft-bristled brush. Pay attention to the mildew marks and the gaps you can see through the reservoir. Starting here, clean your dispenser. Next, set up a basin to catch the water as you drain the cleaning solution.

Cleanse, Drain, and Dry: The cleaning agent needs to remove the water dispenser and collected it in a basin. By doing this, the solution passes through the tubes and pipes, cleaning and sanitizing them as it goes. Drain the cleaning solution completely.

Purify the Removable Parts: Now, you can clean the removable components using a vinegar solution. Pour some diluted vinegar cleaning solution created with vinegar and hot water over the faucets, taps, drip trays, and other removable parts. However, avoid cleaning the water bottle as it can start to smell like vinegar.

Final Words

We wish you luck in keeping your premium water dispenser in top condition and extending its life. Singapore provides its customers with the best service for water dispenser maintenance. You can get in touch with water dispenser maintenance in Singapore to get your dispenser cleaned and enjoy pure water. Contact us if you’d like more details or if you have questions about any other models in our lineup.